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Community Guidelines

Community Rules

Bad Language
We encourage you to use our communities as a forum to debate topics, but please use proper adjectives to express yourself. We do not tolerate circumvention of our word filter or abuse upon another member. As stated above, we are a forum for all ages and expect posts to be family / work friendly unless in forums marked (NSFW).

No Racism, Threatening, No Victimization or Hateful Posts / Retaliation
Lead by example and assist other newer users rather than attacking them. We look upon our users to use any opportunity to teach the newer users the appropriate way to conduct themselves in this community.

No Personal Attacks or Retaliation
Personal attacks such as instigating "flame bait", verbal abuse, mocking or sexist remarks of members in posts are not tolerated at tWDF. Such posts will be deleted on sight or moderated accordingly.

Post in the correct forum.
Please post on topic and within the correct forum for your question. If your topic does not fit, please use our General Discussions area. If you have questions on the correct content area, please PM a moderator. Members who dump all topics in to 'General Discussion on an ongoing basis may have the posts deleted, moderated or receive a warning.

Use a title that describes the content of your post. Don't use all caps or special characters to draw attention to your post. This is an English speaking site, and we expect all posts to be in English. Links must resolve to other English speaking sites unless cleared with a member of staff first.

Do not post links to exploits, malware, or websites that produce undesired effects to our members.
This includes browser crashes, multiple pop-up screens, DOS attacks, or similar results. Links will be removed, threads closed, and members will be warned or suspended.

No Avatar & Custom Title Abuse.
These are a site courtesy and abuse of them will result in them being lost and your account being restricted. We also have Sig Guidelines that outline what image (type, dimensions & file size) we find acceptable.

tWDF Is Not A Support Forum For Other Sites.
Comparing, judging the content/value or raising the opinion of other sites, recruiting members or staff, bad mouthing (or victimizing) & negative discussion about non/affiliate site issues on our forums is neither wanted nor tolerated.

No Spamming.
Spamming is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic. Examples include: empty bodies, bodies with few words that have no relation to the current thread or discussion and those posts that state they are spam, either to annoy, advertise or increase a member's post count. Users may not use news item comments to advertise or promote another product. Resurrecting old forum posts is also not appreciated unless it serves a worthy cause to the forum. This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion.

Forum signatures are to be used respectfully, tWDF already has to display ads to cover the running costs, so don't annoy our members by making your signature into your personal ad revenue opportunity.
This includes referral links to either services you provide or a 3rd party provider.

Advertisement Blocking.
Glorifying the fact in posts here on tWDF is strictly forbidden. We understand that some members could not care less to display advertisements on any website, and therefore block a stream of revenue that is required to keep this site running. We can not do much about that but please do not glorify the fact.

We have a supporters package that professionally removes all advertisements from tWDF for a small annual (or monthly) fee. We never ask members to click advertisements, and for those that do; we greatly appreciate this. Simply allowing the advertisement to load (without clicking on it) also returns revenue for the site. If you feel that you can not whitelist tWDF or afford the subscription but would like to contribute, you are very welcome to donate via PayPal. Just contact an Admin or Mod and they'll be happy to point you in the right direction

Respect Moderator Decisions.
Threads and posts questioning the actions or decisions of forum moderations will be deleted on sight, and the appropriate action taken (up to and including forum bans) against the thread starter and/or participants. However, as a member you reserve the right to PM any moderator, supervisor or administrator regarding action taken at tWDF.

Use the Reporting System Properly.
Do not abuse the report system. While we appreciate members reporting bad behavior, or posts, please do not use this system to post rude comments or retaliate against other members. Reported posts will be handled as soon as possible.

No Alternate (Duplicate) Accounts.
Should you be disciplined with a restriction or ban, you are not allowed to open a new account to obtain freedom to post. Restrictions and bans are given for a reason, and usurping that ability by re-registering is not tolerated. If another account is opened, that account will be banned immediately, and the original account will be further penalized. Anyone who has warnings on their account is automatically excluded from changing their user name.

tWDF reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time and an Administrator's word is final.

Note: Any infraction of these guidelines will result in a warning being placed against your tWDF account.

Remember if you have a question, complaint or suggestion, feel free to PM a member of staff and they'll be happy to help you!