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Am I being paid enough to design websites and print?

website design pay

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#1 sam2951

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Posted 11 May 2018 - 21:38

Hi All,
I'm starting to feel a little underpaid/underappreciated for what I do, and I was wondering if someone can help me think realistically about whether I'm right or if I need to keep working hard and continue being patient? 
A little about me
 - I have nearly three years experience working as a junior website designer.
 - I'm the only designer for the company, so I design all web and print projects  
 - I build at least 50% of the websites I design 
 - I study UI/UX, SEO, Marketing and Branding in my spare time which I'm starting to use more at work 
 - I love what I do 
 - My current pay is £10 an hour
A typical project for me would go something like this
1. I meet with the client to discuss what they hope to achieve and what print and web projects they need creating 
2. Sketch out some website wireframes
3. Take my wireframes into Illustrator and create high fidelity mockups
4. Build the design using HTML5, CSS3 and a tiny bit of jQuery 
5. Design small graphics for Facebook ads and emails
6. Design a logo
7. Design a flyer
Thank you for your time :)

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#2 Renaissance-Design

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Posted 11 May 2018 - 22:19

Missing one important piece of info: what part of the country are you in?


Edit: this would suggest that you're quite significantly underpaid, as £10/hr for a 37.5 hour week works out to the equivalent of £19.5k. If you're somewhere expensive like London it goes from significantly underpaid to royally taking the piss.

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Chris Cox is a freelance web designer & developer based in Bridgend, South Wales. You should definitely follow @RenaissDesign on Twitter.

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#3 shutdown321

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Posted 08 June 2018 - 09:28

True, country would change a lot. Life would be tough if it was in NYC or London! I'm guessing it's the UK at least?

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