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Posted 18 May 2019 - 18:44

Greetings All!


I’ve done a rough layout mockup/prototype of a website for renting-to-own properties using Balsamiq.



A bit more detail with an image of the landing page:


The landing page is a first iteration to get the layout of elements right - the design itself is a new mockup for www.ontotheladder.co.uk - a property platform enabling property buyers to buy their own home using a rent-to-own scheme rather than a conventional mortgage. Through the scheme we’re trying to solve the issue of 2/3 of London’s (UK) millennialls being already priced out of the housing market as they will never be able to afford to get onto the housing ladder (source: Bloomberg).


In a nutshell, conventional mortgages require 15-25% deposits and typically it takes years to save those amounts with property prices being the way they are over here. Not to mention the crazy bureaucracy one has to go through when buying a home - dealing with brokers, banks, lawyers and agents.


Our rent-to-own scheme is trying to change all this by making the buying process as simple as renting a property.

Screenshot of landing page 1st iteration:








Roast away! It’s the first iteration…

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