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Hello and please Help. I don't even know where to start


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Posted 05 September 2019 - 14:25



I'm brand new to these forums and i've come here because it's been so many years since i last made a website for my business that I don't even know where to start. I was out of my depths then but now I have no clue.


I'm really hoping someone can point me in the right direction for what i want to achieve. If i've posted this in the wrong place, please tell me where I should be posting if possible.


What I am trying to achieve;

I am a professional singer and I need an online presence. I've had different websites that i've coded myself throughout the years but GoDaddy who I was using to host decided earlier this year that they didn't like how I was doing something and demanded I took the website down!!! It appears the main problem was that I was storing an Excel spreadsheet online so my site could pull information from it to display my booked dates. This was one of the main purposes of the website as it allowed clients to see that i was busy, and also were they could come to watch me to see if they'd like to book me for their event. I was using PHP to pull the information but to be honest, that code was copy and pasted from a tutorial and I struggled to really follow it all the way whenever there was an issue.

I also need to have the ability for people to listen to sample tracks, and then all the usual, contact info, photos, etc... Also, as I imagine a lot of people struggle with (well I always did) was to make the website mobile friendly too. I tried using CSS to do this but I could never figure out something that worked consistently. 


So what i'm trying to find out is;

A) Do i need to simply use one of the online website builders, pay a monthly fee and let them sort out mobile compatibility.... but then will i be able to acheive what I want in regards to the online gig list?


B) Do I rewrite the whole thing myself, and if so, where do i start with the Gig-List? I understand I may need to use a database but although i've used Excel quite competently for years, I don't have access to Access (ironically) as it's not for Mac so never was able to get involved in databases. I know Apple have Filemaker Pro but that is crazy expensive for the single use case I need it for. Am i even thinking about this the right way?


I'm so confused..... can anyone help at least put me in the right general direction... please?


I look forward to hearing back from some knowlegable people.





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